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Urbanna Builder's Supply has Durapine

DuraPine® by Cox combines the natural beauty of real wood with long-lasting resistance to termites and fungal decay. It's ideal for decking, railing and structural deck components, walkways, gazebos, fences, and other backyard projects.

  • Lighter in color
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Contains Stabilyzr™ additive
  • Less corrosive
  • Less copper
  • Improved paintability
  • Low environmental impact
  • Available re-dried after treatment

Stocked Sizes

12’ and 16’

#2 - 10', 12', and 16’

This long-lasting wood, a form of Wolmanized® Residential Outdoor® wood, takes advantage of a hybrid copper azole preservative, combining the best features of dissolved and dispersed copper.
Copper is the primary ingredient, protecting against termites and most fungal decay. Protection against coppertolerant fungi is provided by an azole co-biocide which has also been used as a fungicide for fruits, peanuts, and other crops.
DuraPine® wood with Color Enhancer overcomes two complaints sometimes heard about previous micronized copper formulations – color and penetration. The very light color of micronized copper treatment causes occasional confusion between treated and untreated wood and tends to highlight knots and natural but undesirable characteristics of the wood.
Furthermore, concerns have arisen about the ability of micronized copper to penetrate wood as thoroughly as copper that is dissolved in a liquid solution. Deeper penetration provides deeper protection.
DuraPine® wood with Color Enhancer eliminates both concerns because its treating solution contains an ingenious color booster that gives a natural green tint to wood, and the preservative consists of both dissolved & dispersed copper for assured penetration.
The copper azole preservative is forced into the wood under pressure, where it provides decades of protection. Some chemical may migrate from preserved wood into surrounding soil and water over time and may also be dislodged from the wood surface upon contact with skin.