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Urbanna Builder's Supply is The Local Expert!

We have recently outfitted one of our trucks with the lastest in Graco foam insulation equipment. The BAFS chemicals we use are the safest in the industry and our installers are experts in applying it correctly. We service the Northern Neck, Middle Penisula and surrounding areas in Virginia.

Make Your Home More Comforatable and Save Money!

Polyurethane foam seals your home in an shield of insulation. It makes your home more comfortable and saves you energy for the life of your home.

Our spray foam fills in and seals seams and cracks around the entire perimeter of your home. This seal provides valuable protection from unmanaged air infiltration, drafts and damaging moisture accumulation in your walls.

Polyurethane foam insulation has a long history of being more effective than conventional insulation products. Today all manufacturers of refrigerators, coolers and water heaters use this technology to make energy efficient products. It’s unique physical properties perform in even the most extreme hot or cold climates.

Long Term Energy Savings

Polyurethane foam is a closed cell insulation that delivers the highest R-value per inch of any insulation. It will keep your home a consistent temperature which allows your heating and cooling system to work more efficiently.  Your investment in polyurethane foam will reap long term returns in saved energy dollars, comfort, control of indoor air quality, health and safety for the life of your home.

The Highest R-value in the Market

Insulation is rated in terms of thermal resistance –R-value- that indicates the resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating effectiveness. 1.8-2 pound polyurethane foam has the highest R-value (6.5 per in.) of all readily available, cost effective insulations available in the market today.

Why Polyurethane Foam is So Effective

  • Stops Air Infiltration - Helps eliminate drafts and provides for comfortable, even heating and cooling
  • High Insulation Value - Best R-value per inch of any readily available insulation and fills in seams and cracks.
  • Moisture Resistant - The closed cell design stops moisture. If it does get wet it dries with minimal insulation value loss
  • Spray Installation - Seals every crack and seam and insulates hard to reach areas.
  • Rigid - Doesn't settle or go "flat" like fiberglass insulation and actually adds structural strenght to you house.